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  • Where is Keller Mortgage Canada currently available?
    Canada 🇨🇦 You can inquire for more by reaching out to
  • How does Keller Mortgage Canada deliver such a strong pre-approval?
    Keller Mortgage encourages buyers to submit a complete loan application and their financial docs, right up front. Not only does this give buyers the strongest pre-approvals, but upon getting financial docs, we will have an underwriter review the application within 24 hours. That puts agents in the best position to make a strong offer when buyers find that perfect home.
  • Where can I find Keller Mortgage Canada?
    We are a digital company. However our main office is in Ontario, Canada.
  • Who is Keller Mortgage Canada?
    Keller Mortgage Canada was built by Canadian KW agents, for Canadian KW agents. Our CEO, CTO, CFO and CUO have been serving KW Realtors for 15 years each, and our purpose is to be a trusted partner for KW associates to help you grow your business and protect your value proposition.
  • How Does Keller Mortgage Canada pay out the incentives from the ZeroPlus program?
    You will receive the financial credit via e-transfer or cheque within 2 weeks of your loan closing The $1000 credit applies to new money amounts over $500,000 based on a 5 year term (variable or fixed rate). There is a tiered system for loan amounts below $500,000. There’s a $500 credit for new money amounts between $350,000-$499,999 based on a 5 year term (variable or fixed rate). There’s a $300 credit for new money amounts between $200,000.00-$349,999 based on a 5 year term (variable or fixed rate). We also do a small thank you to the Real Estate office for each funded mortgage ($100-$400.00 per mortgage based on a tiered system. A small fee will be paid out to the realtor and/or real estate office. (these amounts can change at any time without notice)
  • Can I refinance through Keller Mortgage Canada, and does the ZeroPlus program apply?"
    Yes we can help you with your refinancing needs, and the Zeroplus program applies with the same terms and conditions as a new mortgage*
  • I want to know what kinds of loans Keller Mortgage Canada offers
    Keller Mortgage Canada offers a wide range of loan options, and we offer best product fit until closing.
  • How can Keller Mortgage Canada offer me such a great deal?
    Keller Mortgage can offer great deals because we are technology-based and uniquely positioned with the largest Real Estate company in the world. We save money on marketing, office rents, and expensive on-site loan officers. We then pass on the savings directly to the consumer!
  • What is the difference between Pre-qualification and Pre-approval?
    Pre-qualifications are usually just a conversation between you and a loan officer. These conversations ask basic questions and guess what kind of buyer you are, and what you can qualify for in a home. These often lead to: You searching for your dream home in an inaccurate price range Poor pre-qualification letters can decrease your chance of having a strong contract written on your dream home. These pre-qualifications can also lead to late or even cancelled closings. Keller Mortgage Pre-approvals include a full free underwriting review of both your application information as well as all supporting documentation. These include: Verified documentation of the borrower The ability to confidently shop with your KW agent in the correct price range. Secure a STRONG pre-approval letter so that you can confidently put in an offer on your PERFECT home. Stress free process to closing.
  • What is the minimum loan amount that I can apply for?
    We are full service and can handle mortgages at any amount. We are a full service brokerage offering a full product range, some products may not qualify for zero plus but we will still be able to service them.


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