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Your May Mortgage Update

Updated Rate Sheet for you Below


The Bank of Canada’s next rate decision is scheduled for June 5, 2024. What will they announce? Here are some thoughts...


Capital Gains Tax Proposal insights and examples found here.

Whether or not someone should sell assets before June 25th really depends on their circumstances. In general things like: The rate of return they expect to generate over the coming years, what type of asset it is, when they planned to sell before they learned about the proposal and why, life expectancy in the case of estates, if an individual might be able to strategically sell assets after June 25th to not exceed the $250k limit annually, and so on.

Most importantly; If the reason for selling is for taxation purposes, you may wish to consider waiting for clarifying details from the government (in draft legislation) to have more certainty before selling.


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Upcoming events for you:

First Time Home Buyer Webinar May 28th at 6pm EST

Millionaire Real Estate Investor Webinar May 15th at 6pm EST


Current Rates: 

Bank of Canada Overnight Target Rate: 5%

Prime Rate: 7.2%

The best variable rate option starts at 6.1% and up

Fixed rates are influenced by the bond market, and are subject to change at any time; Currently the best 5 year fixed insured is from 4.89% and we have a promotion from one lender at 4.59%* for 6 months some conditions apply; contact us to learn more.


Click here for detailed Rate Sheet as of May 2024

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