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Zero broker fees *

Why Keller Mortgage Canada?

Founded on Savings

We have one goal in mind: save customers money. We value people over profit, meaning out team is committed to getting customers the very best deal - quickly, easily and honestly. 


The Keller Williams advantage


Our exclusive partnership with Keller Williams allows us to save money running our business by reducing or eliminating the need for things like marketing and office rents. We pass those savings to our customers, providing them with the same loans for less.

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Exclusively with Keller Williams

The Keller Mortgage ZeroPlus loan program is available only through a Keller Williams transaction.

We rate and lender watch for best product fit until closing with industry leading rates

Our commitment




pre-approvals in 1 day

Deals closed

on-time or early

Our Mission:

To be the trusted partner for KW agents. Providing increased value, services & communication to agents and their clients, to put the KW agent at the centre of the Real Estate transaction and in their clients’ lives on an ongoing basis.

Our Vision:

To be a disruptor and obvious financing partner for KW agents and their clients

Our Value:






Our Belief System:


KELLER - to protect KW agents and their clients


MOTION - constantly evolving with KW agents


CANADIAN - Built by Canadian KW agents for Canadian KW agents


TEAMWORK - together with the KW agent


TRUST - in protecting KW agents’ clients


EQUALITY - fair and impartial to all


SUCCESS - grow a tree, grow a child

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