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The right advice, at the right time, every time.


The Keller Williams advantage


A conveniently streamlined all in one solution to enhance your experience. We are a trusted partner here to protect your interests, and give you the best mortgage products for your needs. Founded by the top Mortgage agents in Canada, with a specialization in helping people build wealth, and helping people through more complex or challenging situations. We are passionate about having a positive impact on your life!

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We rate and lender watch for best product fit until closing with industry leading rates

Our commitment




pre-approvals in 1 day

Deals closed

on-time or early

Our Mission:

To be the trusted partner for KW agents. Providing increased value, services & communication to agents and their clients, to put the KW agent at the centre of the Real Estate transaction and in their clients’ lives on an ongoing basis.

Our Vision:

To be a disruptor and obvious financing partner for KW agents and their clients

Our Value:






Our Belief System:


KELLER - to protect KW agents and their clients


MOTION - constantly evolving with KW agents


CANADIAN - Built by Canadian KW agents for Canadian KW agents


TEAMWORK - together with the KW agent


TRUST - in protecting KW agents’ clients


EQUALITY - fair and impartial to all


SUCCESS - grow a tree, grow a child

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